August 15, 2005

News of the Weird

Couple of news items caught my eye in the past few days:

Tennessee Escapee Caught: "Not Agressive Enough to be Real Amway Sellers"

Did you catch the story of the taxi driver who figured out who his prison escapee fare was because they didn't try to sell him on Amway?

"Amway people are all about Amway and when they didn't try to talk further about it that's when I figured they weren't with Amway and were doing something else".

That is just too funny.

And then there's the New York political scene:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton comes up for re-election next year, New York voters may well be choosing between a high-powered female attorney with a wayward husband and a high-powered female attorney with a wayward husband.

Evidently, someone has been reading The Paradox of Choice, figuring it's all in the best interest of the citizenry. Where's the Libertarian Party when you need it?

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