August 17, 2005

Use a Knife...Go to Prison?

I've been following this Pring-Wilson case on CourtTV's Web site. In summary, this pretty Harvard boy got voluntary manslaughter instead of murder when used his "Spyderco military knife" to stab Michael Colono, a young Latino teen father. Now he's out on bail awaiting a new trial, because the law now says the court can consider Colono's history of run-ins with the cops.

The story is that Colono and his cousin Sam Rodgriguez made some comments about Pring-Wilson's drunken state outside a Cambridge MA pizza shop, they got into a fight, and Colono got stabbed five times.

What should you learn from this? Obviously, to walk away from bullshit confrontations where people shoot off their mouths. And just as you shouldn't drink and drive or drink and dial (like that embarassing scene in Sideways) you shouldn't drink and stab.

What are the laws concerning use of a lethal weapon in self-defense in your municipality? Mas Ayoob covered some of these issues in his book In the Gravest Extreme, but that text is about 30 years old now.

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