August 02, 2005

Living101: The New Sunset?

Just got the promo email for Sunset magazine's spinoff, Living 101. Evidently, this is the byproduct of the recent staff purge in Menlo Park. Supposedly the stodgy, old-school Classic Sunset writers were let go in favor of infusing some new blood into the publication.

Hard to tell what the new Sunset will be like--Living 101 just had some rehashed stuff from the parent pub. But the articles chosen for the quick taste have more of a Real Simple flavor than Classic Sunset, so maybe that's an indicator of the new editorial direction.

Frankly, I think there's a place for Classic Sunset, just as there is for new hipper mags like Budget Living or Ready Made. Classic Sunset had its regional focus and old-school family values (home, hearth, camping with the kids), something as familiar as your old room at the parents' house.

So we have yet to see what Time Inc will do with Sunset. I just hope it doesn't morph into a Real Simple clone.

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