May 17, 2005

Lame, this Star Wars Tie-In Is!!!

I've already reached my saturation point with all the Star Wars-esque marketing materials from IT vendors. Ok, I know we geeks are the target demographic for the movie, but enough already! Case in point, this email from the Eclipse World conference:

Dear Padawan, Incomplete your training is!

Take the next step to becoming an Eclipse Master at EclipseWorld with more than 50 classes and tutorials that can help you slash your light saber through the open-source platform's most advanced capabilities.

Or, if you are an Eclipse youngling, EclipseWorld can begin your training on these key tools and technology. The event takes place August 29-31 in a galaxy far, far away, in an ancient land called New York City. (Feel free to fly into Mos Eisley, Anchorhead, or JFK, whichever is most convenient for your X-wing fighter.)

At EclipseWorld, a master you will become!

Use the Force to command the special eXtreme Early Bird rate of $775 for the full conference, a savings of more than $400. Even Jabba the Hutt wouldn't say no to a bargain like that!


May Eclipse be with you.

Ugh. And then McAfee invites me to a free screening of the actual movie, in exchange for sitting through a couple of hours of marketing hype (at least they provide lunch). But there are no sessions in Silicon Valley--the closest is Long Beach. Were they afraid they'd get 1000s of people if they hosted a screening here? Probably.

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