May 24, 2005

Observations on the Star Wars Trilogy

So I've been catching up on the original trilogy in preparation for a long wait in line to see Episode III. I'm sure these observations have been written about for a long time now, probably even in someone's masters' thesis, but they just struck me when viewing the movies for the first time since the 1990's re-release:

  • (Star Wars) Those Imperials sure do have that Nazi look, down to the stiff demeanor and Bundeswehr-green/gray uniforms. While the Rebels have the jovial, collegial manner of RAF flyboys fighting for Queen and Liberty during WWII.
  • (Return) The Ewoks are even more annoying than when I first saw this movie. Ugh. Is hunting season here yet?
  • (All) Carrie Fisher got sexier with each new movie--did Lucas figure that his target audience would be reaching puberty in time to see Princess Leia half-naked in a harem costume? Judging from the fangirl posts re. tall, brooding, can't-take-him-home-to-momma hair day Hayden Christensen on the Web, I think Lucas targeted Episodes I-III at the Hillary Duff/Mary Kate & Ashley set.
  • (Return) Luke just does the Jedi blocking-the-laser-blasts thing just a few times over the course of the original trilogy. Now is that because Lucas just didn't have the special efx technology to do that kind of shot back then or because Luke isn't as good a Jedi as Liam Neeson? I'm sure someone in a liberal college class somewhere takes this question seriously and wrote a paper on the subject.
  • (Star Wars) Interface design has come a long way. Will we look back on today's sci-fi (like the direct manipulation interface Tom Cruise "directs", in the orchestral sense, in Minority Report) with the same humorous nostalgia as we do the sketchy raster animations in Star Wars?
  • (Return) At least we know now why Luke is so height-challenged in relation to his dad--he takes after his mom there. Or maybe goin' over to the Dark Side includes platform shoes? Damn, gotta get me some of those...
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