May 16, 2005

40 is the new 30

Remember the hit show "thirtysomething"? How it was kind of pretentious, not bothering to capitalize the first letter, kind of an e.e. cummings thumb of the nose at the world? Even the spelling of the show's name fit the demographic--the wine-collecting, beemer-driving sneering yuppie. I can be so sarcastic, of course, because I was too young (and poor) to join that sector of the economy (no matter how hard I tried).

Nowadays, of course, all those 30-somethings are 40-somethings (but they're still "desparate housewives"). I guess the new hipness of 40-year olds (like the hero of the Fire Ice book I just finished) is good news for me, as most of my high school friends (and ex-girlfriends--yikes!) are now in their 40s. My best friend's ex-wife is a grandma now. Is life just zooming by or what?

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