January 11, 2005

Where'd the ornament box go?

You know you have too much crap in the garage when you seriously consider putting a system like this in place:

photo of Sky-Marx netting in warehouse

Sky-Marx Position Reference System is an array of position markers attached to a support structure, suspended overhead. It offers a method of identifying locations for areas that are otherwise unstructured, such as storerooms, warehouses, and factory floors.

Each position marker contains a bar code and/or human readable text that uniquely identifies the corresponding floor area below it. Markers are attached to a sturdy but lightweight mesh that can be suspended above the area of interest. When an item is placed within the designated area, the closest marker is read and recorded. For users with automated systems, the marker barcode is scanned with a standard bar code scanner.

Now that way, when you're looking to take down the Xmas tree and are searching for the specially compartmented ornament box, you can just query your household Access database (what, you don't have one?) and there you are.

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