January 10, 2005

Crawlspace Inspection Robot

So I was scurrying around the crawlspace yesterday, mostly looking for water inflitration after the past series of storms. Found all sorts of problems to fix too, like detached air ducts, bad toilet flanges, and funky wires that I have no idea what they're for.

Couldn't you just take a radio control car chassis, tack on some good lighting (rubberbanding a SureFire on top would do the trick), and a small camcorder, then drive it around down there? You could hook the camcorder up to your big-screen TV if you wanted to, and inspect your crawlspace from the comfort of your media room.

I'm sure someone's already done this. You could just do it as a retrofit kit for the usual toy RC car. You'd want one of the "4x4 truck" models, because you'll be going over pipes and rocky fill and the like. You'd also want to either have a really wide-angle lens, or some way to pan and tilt via RC control too.

A really geeky version would let you control it through a Web browser.

There's gotta be something like this over at Fry's already. All the PL geeks in the Valley would use it to surreptitiously peep at their neighbors or something.

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