May 14, 2004

Sticky sites in Brick and Mortar Retailing

When I was a dot-com consultant, "sticky" was still an in-vogue term. What would keep a visitor coming back when there are just so many other cool things (Paris Hilton, beheadings, rotting meat) to view on the Web?

A couple of California retailers are taking the "sticky" idea a bit further--by handing out stickers to customers. Kudos to Trader Joe's and In-n-Out Burger. (Yum! Meat!) Nothing like free stickers to keep this dad coming back to the same store.

I'm sure many of my former dot-com Colleagues (capitalized to emphasize Scient-speak) wouldn't care, but for the father of a 2-year old, stickers are the bomb! It never fails to amaze me how a graphic on a slip of paper with some adhesive can keep a kid busy for so long.

And of course, each can be a self-contained advertisement that will be conveniently tacked up somewhere by the little kiddies. Not a bad way to get cheap dissemination and placement of an ad message, huh?

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