May 11, 2004

Cool stuff: SAK with USB Memory

Image of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with USB memory

Victorinox's new SAK with its built-in USB memory is going to be the geek keyring accessory of choice here in the Valley.

Most of us aren't taking the nerd birds to Seattle or Austin every week anymore, so we won't have to worry about giving up our knives at the security checkpoints. (Ok, maybe we're flying to Bangalore these days, but not every week like during the Boom).

I like the quote from Victorinox marketing director Urs Wyss:

We have about 35 mechanical tools on our different knives and it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new ones, he told swissinfo.

New electronic technology gives us more possibilities to develop our product line further.

What's next, Tasers? Boy, when teledildonics start getting better, watch out...

The Victorinox Web site has a great page on this new product, but uses an annoying keep-on-top JS function. I never knew the Swiss were so insistent that people conform to doing things their way. Click at your own risk: Victorinox press release.

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