April 16, 2004

DWR and DeLaEspada

Design Within Reach's email newsletter is actually welcome spam, especially compared to the enlarge-your-penis/buy-generic-viagra/get-a-cheap-mortgage emails I get. The latest edition actually gives free plugs to the new Fillmore store's neighbors, of which one is the London furniture store DeLaEspada.

Now this is kind of interesting--DWR is basically sending traffic to a company that could be thought of as a competitor. Is this a Microsoft-like overture of "good will", throwing the poor unsuspecting incumbent a bone before the DWR juggernaut steals all their customers? DeLaEspada is similar to many of the other vendors in DWR's catalog--their "warm modern" wood furniture reminds me of the giant Eames chess piece stools DWR sells.

Makes me wish I took woodshop instead of metalshop as a kid.

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