April 12, 2004

Here's mud in yer eye...

Men's 145 pound semifinals of the European Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships in Haparanda, Sweden, April 10, 2004
This photo reminds me of the competition strategy my former officemate used when he competed in judo tournaments back in the 1970s .

Paul said he'd let the nails on his big toes get long and sharp. Not like the crazy german spy lady in those James Bond movies, but still enough to draw blood. If he got into a bad spot during randori, he'd slice open his opponent's calf or something, and the resulting blood would get the match halted.

Pretty slimy, I'd say. Rules are rules, and although the martial art I study disdains rules when "fighting", they do have a place in some competitions. If you go into a judo match, you expect throws and chokes, but not lacerations. Better to know you bested your opponent fairly than to have to cheat.

But on the street, your opponent isn't playing by your rules anyway. That's when you pull the Indiana Jones stuff--drop that bullwhip and shoot the mutha.

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