December 08, 2003

Dystopian Diagrams: Mark Lombardi

I just learned of the NYC art exhibit by one Mark Lombardi, the artist who charted the myriad links between political figures, criminals, and the worlds' most wanted man, in a series of elegant, intricate diagrams:

Detail of BNL, Reagan, Bush, & Thatcher and the Arming of Iraq, ca. 1983-91

Lombardi, it is said, created these diagrams using just the news media as an information source. Yet they were detailed enough for the FBI to get interested, dropping by the Whitney a few weeks after 9/11.

I guess this is another reason why NYC kicks our butt in terms of artistic vision. They have guys like Lombardi. Our talent is spent designing a better hat for Mike Meyer's Cat.

Then again, Lombardi killed himself in 2000. Would he have had a different outlook living in the land of sun, sand, and Baywatch?

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