December 09, 2003

Sand from every beach

I recently saw an article in one of those home decorating magazines, where the photographer-owner displayed "sand from every beach the family has visited" in vintage spice bottles--in their living room. The starkness of the room's furnishings, coupled with the small multiples of the spice bottles, gave an almost museum exhibit quality to the room.

What a fantastic idea, I thought. Sand is free, and beaches are usually associated with happy times (unless you're thinking D-Day on Omaha Beach).

Made me regret not picking up sand from the more exotic locales I've been fortunate to walk on, like Heron Island, or Monterosso, or Milford Sound.

Then I Google "sand collecting", and it turns out there's a whole subculture around collecting sand--not just as souvenirs of beach vacations, but really to admire the sand itself.

If I try copying this idea, the one place I'd like to get a sand sample from is Wild Blue Yokohama, the indoor beach. Sure, as everything's man-made in there, including the waves, that sand is the same as in those bags at Home Depot, but it would have that fun cyberpunky pop culture kind of bent.

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