December 05, 2003

Brush w/Greatness: Gerald Okamura

So at dinner in Gardena last week (at the excellent Happa on Redondo Beach Blvd), I spy at the next table, none other than His Scowlness himself, Gerald Okamura.

Gerald Okamura holding two revolvers

Image from here.

You know this guy from movies and TV. He's the bald w/goatee Asian dude with the permanent scowl, kicking Kurt Russell's butt in Big Trouble in Little China or David Hassellhoff's in Baywatch (or for the wayback crowd, Knight Rider).

I was too chicken to go over and introduce myself. I was eating with my in-laws--he also looked like he was having a nice family dinner. I didn't want Sensei Okamura to whip out one of those wicked-looking "Okamura Hook Swords" and disembowel me in front of my relations.

My brother-in-law tells me he sees Mr. Okamura around all the time. Then again, this is the bro-in-law who's trained at Royce Gracie's Torrance studio. Jaded.

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