October 01, 2008

Boston Acoustics Thinks Vista is Bad For Business

What's in a name? Well, the word "Vista" has enough negative baggage associated with it that no one wants to use it anymore.

Case in point: Boston Acoustics, purveyors of almost-high-end audiophile speakers, changed the name of their flagship speaker line from "Vista" to "VS Series".

CEPro cites the Boston Acoustics folks' reasoning as follows:

At Boston Acoustics, we listen very closely to the feedback and suggestions of our valued channel partners, distributors and retail customers, and our sole aim is to provide all our customers with the easiest and most efficient way to experience the benefits of our products. Based on input from CEDIA, we decided to change from Vista to 'VS,' underscoring the message that this new flagship series represents 'a new Vision in great Sound.'

Now isn't that just corporate speak for "our retailers said nobody's gonna buy a $3000 pair of speakers if they think Vista is inside"?

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