November 03, 2008

Presidential Martial Arts

After watching the presidential debates the past few weeks, which is essentially the only time we get to see the candidates "fight each other," I can't help but hope that someday we'll get a martial artist in the White House. The last one, I believe, was Theodore Roosevelt, and almost all of the chief executives we've had since pale in comparison.

Photo of Russian PM Putin practicing judo

Russia, after all, has Vladimir Putin,a judo black belt, Master of Sambo, ex-KGB spook who definitely knows a thing or two about arm-twisting. Putin has even offered to teach French president Nicolas Sarkozy some of his secret Soviet techniques. Last month French newspaper Le Figaro quoted Putin as saying, "He [Sarkozy] is interested in martial arts and we have decided to do some training together."

Maybe Sarkozy could teach Putin some mad how-to-snare-a-supermodel skills in return.

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