September 13, 2003

We Are All Bruce Lee

The Feral Tribune, via the Balkan Report, tells us about the effort to promote peace in a town split by the Bosnian conflict--by erecting a statue of Bruce Lee in the town center.

Mostar, the town in question, lost a fabled medieval bridge to the war. Promoters of the Bruce Lee statue say he's just the thing to bring peace and racial harmony between Bosniak and Croat.

Bruce Lee ceased to be an ordinary guy long ago. He's now a deity.

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September 10, 2003

Tufte: Powerpoint is Evil

Tufte promotes his new buy-online essay in the latest Wired.

One of my close friends is QA manager on Power Point--I wonder what he thinks of the article?

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September 09, 2003

Rhymes with Orange

Did you see this strip from Hilary B. Price's "Rhymes with Orange"? First time I've seen "sensei" and "dojo" in a mainstream comic strip.

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September 08, 2003

What time is it?


Cool Flash piece of the day. Too bad those electronic photo frames can't serve up Flash-ed Web pages--this would look nifty in my dining room.

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September 04, 2003

My new subway map mug

I received the greatest souvenir the other day--an NYC subway map mug. This brings my subway map mug collection up to a colossal number of three.

Subway maps are one of the design world's greatest contributions to everyday life. The London Underground map is always touted as a milestone in information design, and is the subject of my first souvenir coffee mug.

Then, I was in Toronto for a convention, and spotted their subway map on a mug--with all of two lines (Green and Yellow). Thus the collection was born.

In Paris, I had to settle for a metro map t-shirt at Le Marche Aux Puces. I guess those little demitasse cups don't have enough space for the map.

And, I've been to NYC a zillion times, and never found a subway map mug--but I have one now. Woo hoo!

Misc. subway map links, for the curious and geeky:

MetaMap: Metadata standards explained via a subway map.

nyc bloggers Find your friendly blogger by subway map stop.

The Subway Site Subway maps from around the world

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