September 04, 2003

My new subway map mug

I received the greatest souvenir the other day--an NYC subway map mug. This brings my subway map mug collection up to a colossal number of three.

Subway maps are one of the design world's greatest contributions to everyday life. The London Underground map is always touted as a milestone in information design, and is the subject of my first souvenir coffee mug.

Then, I was in Toronto for a convention, and spotted their subway map on a mug--with all of two lines (Green and Yellow). Thus the collection was born.

In Paris, I had to settle for a metro map t-shirt at Le Marche Aux Puces. I guess those little demitasse cups don't have enough space for the map.

And, I've been to NYC a zillion times, and never found a subway map mug--but I have one now. Woo hoo!

Misc. subway map links, for the curious and geeky:

MetaMap: Metadata standards explained via a subway map.

nyc bloggers Find your friendly blogger by subway map stop.

The Subway Site Subway maps from around the world

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