January 20, 2008

A Pen Mightier than an Empty Fist

Cold Steel, always finding new ways to make things out of glass-reinforced plastic (witness the Koga SD-1 yawara/sex toy mentioned earlier), now has their take on the "fighting pen".

Enter... the Cold Steel Sharkie.

Photo of Cold Steel Sharkie fighting pen

I've noted the Allen Elishewitz-designed Tactical Defense Pen before--a stout pen made from strong aluminum, designed for use as a kubotan. But at $79.99 you wonder what kind of statement this pen is trying to make. Sure, a Cartier or Montblanc would probably snap in two if you tried to use one as a pressure-point weapon, but $80 is a lot more than what most folks spend on a pen.

Now there's a downmarket version--even looks like a permanent marker, so if you're caught with one in the urban setting people will just think you were using it to tag things.

Now this is pretty innovative stuff. I'll get my hands on one (hah!) and put it to a review test soon.

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