January 04, 2008

Reflective Shields for the Modern Ninja

If you remember the classic text Ninja Secrets of Invisibility by Ashida Kim (and what student of 80's martial arts doesn't?) you'll remember fanciful techniques of distraction and deception that could be used to become "invisible".

Ashida Kim, the nom de plume of a Caucasian guy from Florida, penned a bunch of books that taught would-be ninja how to hide from sentries, sneak up on victims, and wield all sorts of funky weapons (that mail order houses like Dolan's Sports and AWMA were eager to sell you).

TheShadowShield (spacing is theirs) seems like something that would've been perfect for that era, but is really a serious product.

Tactical officers firing long arms from behind reflective tactical shield

Essentially a big lightweight mirror, the Shadow Shield reflects the surrounding foilage back at the viewer, allowing the user to hide behind it.

Before you say, "...yeah, right...", the company's FAQ has already covered your skepticism:

Can you use TheShadowShield in bright sunlight?

Yes. If the sun is to your left or right shoulder, it will cast a shadow away from the shield so the shield can be used.

Will animals or perpetrators see themselves in TheShadowShield?

TheShadowShield only reflects yards in front of itself. The shield is engineered to carry at the perfect angle to the ground.

I don't think this would be that useful for paintball or Simunitions gaming, but if you train where you have to account for every shot downrange (as you should in real life) this concealment shield wouldn't be compromised by marker shots.

Now what these guys really need to do is put a ballistic layer on the inside and make this cover, not just concealment.

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