May 15, 2007

Learning to Be a One Armed Bandit

Last night's workout in the park was great, even if I can't use my right arm very well right now.

The Santa Cruz contingent came up over the hill, and we met up with Armando, who has an even longer workout commute (ORD-SJC). Said Armando promptly submitted me 3 times, the first two with left arm bicep slicers (how does that saying go--submit me once with a technique, shame on you; submit me twice with the same technique, shame on me?) and the last time with a regular straight armbar on the right arm. First time I can say that I've been armbarred by a venture capitalist.

Anyway, the soreness in my elbow joint from the last round has carried over into Regular Life. Moving the right arm just sucks--even my grip strength on that side is diminished, as it hurts to tighten the tendons in the forearm.

So I'm learning to be left-handed. Brushing teeth is much easier with the electric toothbrush. Eating is a pain. I envy those guys who are ambidextrous, like the college baseball pitcher who can alternate arms with each pitch. Time to dig out the left-handed Delica.

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