May 30, 2006

Urban Samurai in NY Times

The New York Times profiles their local kendo dojo, in Sunday's Lifestyle piece:

Swords and Shouts Next Door, but Don' t Call 911

Something about this piece, and especially how it made it to, was really Ric Romero-esque, as if this centuries-old sport was relatively new.

It's been a world-wide sport for many years now--just check out my coverage of the 11th Kendo World Championships. Felt just like the Olympics.

Photo from the 11th World Kendo Championships

Best quote from the NYT article, on when the sensei's wife returned from Japan:

She had just flown in from Japan, and after weeks of separation, the spouses reunited not by embracing, but by exchanging blows to the head and shoulders.

Heh. Isn't that how it always is?

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