May 26, 2006

More on Gun Grabbing

In my last post I lambasted writer Tom Grace for adding a gun takeaway scene to his action-adventure thriller Quantum, saying that it would be impossible to prevent a cocked Glock from firing by merely grasping the gun's slide.

I take that back--if you moved the slide out of battery, you could prevent the gun from firing because the internal levers would no longer be aligned--the striker wouldn't be able to transfer the impact to the firing pin and then on to the primer of the chambered cartridge.

But that would take some real presence of mind to do in a split-second gun takeaway move. You'd have to be Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4, field-stripping Mel Gibson's Beretta 92 right before his eyes.

I think most martial artists can't even begin to compare themselves with Jet Li. So again, don't try this at home.

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