May 05, 2005

Hillary Swank on Boxing vs. Karate

I wonder if any of the trade rag (think Variety, Hollywood Reporter, E!) hacks asked Ms. Most-Talked-About-Arms-Since-Linda "T2" Hamilton about her thoughts on boxing vs. karate.

Huh, you ask? Have you already forgotten the epic blockbuster that was "The Next Karate Kid"?

Ok, it was pretty forgettable. Didn't even have 30-year old Ralph Macchio hitting on high school girls or anything. The perv!

But Ms. Swank is one of the few actors in Hollywood to have portrayed an "expert" boxer and an "expert" karateka. With the exception of her "Million Dollar" archvillianess, Lucia Rijker, of course. Some producer (Chili Palmer, anyone?) should make her into the "female Rock".

At least Black Belt could've wrangled a cover article on that spin.

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