May 04, 2005

Reading List Thus Far

Finished up Fire Ice by Clive Cussler. I'm sure the author had Halle Berry in mind for the lead female character. It ended up being pretty formulaic--it would probably make a decent action movie but was kind of lacking as a book.

That's one thing that separates authors like Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton from the rest of these guys--the Clancys and Crichtons (hey, doesn't that sound like an old West family feud?) can fill up pages with well-researched techno-babble, where the other guys are using old plot hacks and devices.

Or maybe I need to branch out beyond the "C" shelf at the local library?

Just started Neil Gaiman's American Gods. The prison stuff in this one is reminiscent of Out of Sight, which I had finished before Fire Ice. I really liked Gaiman's work in comics--we'll see how well he can do with just words (and via audio book too) and no pictures. So far (just got through tape 1) it's been great. I actually busted out laughing a couple of times; Gaiman is totally inventive with his plot twists.

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