April 05, 2005

Scenario Planning

A colleague asked me about references to Scenario Planning. I dredged up what I remembered from years ago and pointed him to some references--posting here so I can call 'em up easier later.

* * *

Scenario planning comes from political types and the oil industry, of all places. The text I read when we were trying to sell facilitated planning sessions was pretty good:

Schwartz's The Art of the Long View

There are some other books that I've heard are good but I haven't read them:

Van der Heijden's Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation

I actually have this book somewhere but they're buried under a ton of junk in my garage.

Lindgren's Scenario Planning: The Link Between Future and Strategy

Never got around to reading Lindgren's book, but it's supposed to be more of a how-to than the other two texts.

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