April 04, 2005

Lab Rats with a Kung Fu Grip

A while back I wrote an article on "Getting a Kung Fu Grip". I still think grip strength is really important for martial artists, even strikers. And I know I've been remiss in keeping up with my grip training regimen.

One of the links in the article pointed at a company that made meters for testing the strength of lab mice. There's so much Weird Stuff on the Web that you forget just how ridiculous this sounds. Even more so, when you realize that it's actually a real, scientific apparatus used for legitimate research.

Now, being a sort-of technical type, but clueless about the zoological and biological sciences, what kind of job makes you measure the grip strength of a mouse?

Man holding mouse so it can grasp the grip strength meter

Only thing I could think of is a secret ninja-killer military project to recruit rodents for the armed forces. Breeding a cadre of warrior rats and all that. Too bad the Kung Fu Hamster is so last-year, we could really use him in the War for Freedom.

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