June 16, 2009

Casio GShock Cellphone

Just saw Casio's "G-Shock" cellphone, the G'zOne (how do you pronounce that--"gee zone" or "Guzz One"?). Totally badass.

The Amazon product description says it all:

If this isn't the phone Navy SEALs use, it should be. Not only is the G'zOne waterproof, it can remain underwater for a full-30 minutes, and still maintain all of its functionality. That means if you haven't drowned after 30 minutes underwater, you can use the phone's built-in GPS feature and flashlight to find out just how lost you really are.

Super rugged, super powerful. This phone is made for a rough and tumble life that's also fully connected. Ruggedized to military standards, this super-tough clamshell is not only waterproof, it's shock resistant, and dust resistant, too. Non-tough guy features include a 2-megapixel camera, EV-DO high-speed data capabilities, a QVGA display, a speakerphone, a built-in mobile Web 2.0 browser, and more.

In simpler times, these would've gotten some kind of tie-in branding with Hummer or Land Rover, but now that those gas-guzzling behemoths are out of fashion, Casio has wisely decided to not let them take them down with the land yacht ship.

What would really be cool is one in the old Sony Sports Walkman bright-yellow livery.

Photo of Sony Sports Walkman

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