June 08, 2004

William Hung movie deal

Rolling Stone.com: William Hung inspires DVD.

Ok, I spoke too soon. :-(

You know, I have mixed feelings about Will and his rise to fame (infame?). He's exemplary of all the bad stereotypes of Asian males (in particular, Asian engineers, of which I guess I must include myself), and the media is exploiting his character to the fullest.

But then again, he definitely seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, at least at the beginning, and therefore deserving of some props. Like he had more balls ("kintama!!!") than any of the engineering nerds I knew in going to the initial audition. Hope he gets all the freebie babe groupies he can before his meme goes stale.

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June 03, 2004

Peace and Quiet

I felt a rare feeling of calm just now. Like peace and quiet and serenity all at the same time.

Then I figured out why...William Hung's 15 minutes must be over.

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