February 26, 2010

LaserLyte KA-BAR Pistol Bayonet

Sportsmans' Guide has put the LaserLyte KA-BAR Pistol Bayonet on sale:

There is just something wrong with this picture.

Photo of pistol bayonet on an orange Glock training pistol

Just try to get this atrocity into your inside-the-pants holster.

But seriously, just how useful is a pistol bayonet? Wouldn't you rather have a regular Ka-Bar, or better yet, a sharpened-up E-tool or 'Nam tomahawk for some up close and personal melee action?

I guess this could make your opponent bust up laughing so hard that he can't deliver a proper rifle butt strike upside your head. Especially if you whip out the international orange G17.

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