January 15, 2007

Alone in the Wild for 5 Weeks with a Crappy Novel

The recent story about a woman who was found in the New Mexico wilderness after five weeks alone in the wild (well after searches for her were called off) had a funny twist, as the newspaper reporter mentioned this tidbit:

The brothers said they realized Dorn was too weak to go with them. They gave her food - Tang, almonds, dried apples, an energy bar, some hot soup and a little cheese - scavenged firewood for her from the other side of the river, filled her water bottles and left her a book - suspense author Michael Connelly's "Chasing the Dime."

Ugh. I mentioned Chasing the Dime here in a previous blog post, and didn't think much of the story. Maybe she just wanted more tinder for firestarting?

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