December 14, 2006

Cool Military Tools

I really dig Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog, mainly because it seems like a reincarnation of the Whole Earth Catalog, but in the new medium, the Web.

Well there's a Cool Tools clone that's just for military, hard-use gear: Kit Up.

Kit Up chronicles the gadgets, PX bargains, and everyday items (Silly String as an explosives detector? Whodathunkit?) essential to soldiering life.

Kit Up mimics Cool Tools in a lot of ways, including the sparse white-space intensive layout, the multiple authors, and truly great ideas.


Aussie Cred for Fred

photo of FRED eating tool

The FRED is a cousin of the P-38 Can opener. It utilizes the same basic design, but also adds a small spoon on one end and a bottle opener on the other. FRED is an official acronym - Food Ration Extraction Device - but is usually known by the more popular "Frigging Ridiculous Eating Device." For two small bits of stamped metal, it is astoundingly useful for boot scraping, cutting, wire stripping, prying things apart, and opening boxes. It can also be used as a screwdriver, an improvised tool for firearm maintenance or radio Repair, and even a small but effective weapon. Oh, yeah, and it opens cans.

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