September 18, 2006

Jet Li Gives Up his Sword

The New York Times reports on Jet Li's retirement from kung fu movies:

Itís apparent that when he says his latest movie will be his swan song as a martial arts star, he really means only that he will no longer practice on screen the traditional wushu of masters like Huo Yuan Jia, no longer presume to represent the art at its highest level. This is not so different, actually, from what Mr. Baryshnikov did 15 years ago, when he retired from ballet but continued performing in the less demanding idiom of modern dance.

So does this mean that Jet Li will now be relegated to the straight-to-video market, like Dolph Lundgren, Stephen Seagal, Jeff Speakman and Jean Claude Van Damme? I doubt it--even Cradle 2 the Grave got to be in the theaters--if only for a few weeks.

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