September 01, 2006

Custom PDFs from

Guy Kawasaki's blog, always a great source of inspiration and insight, describes Toyota's Website's ability to provide you a customized PDF:

This starts a process that builds a custom PDF—pretty cool. However, in this case, the process gets in the way of disseminating information, but there are good uses for this capability. For example, when you want only one part of a long manual.

This capability isn't technologically new. There just haven't been enough CxOs with Cash to fund deploying the feature.

My project, where we'll keep content in small chunks of XML using the DITA content model, should be able to enable this kind of thing. Now all I need is the cash to make it happen. :-)

Environmental aside: Did you know you can't get an Escalade or a Hummer H2 in Green? Meaning they don't have green paint for these SUVs? Must be a Freudian thing or something.

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