August 22, 2006

Ninjas are Back and Cuter Than Ever

The ninja craze petered out as the UFC ground-and-pounded its way onto the martial arts scene in the 1990s. But ninjas are making a comeback. This time, they're not just silent, deadly, and mysterious, but oh so cute!

Image of Wee Ninja plush toy designed by Shawn Smith

For example, consider the Wee Ninja from designer Shawn Smith. This little bad boy comes in "Wee" (10x9 inches) and "Pocket" (5x5 inches) sizes.

Aren't these so much cooler than that sappy "Little Dragons" crap?

Smith even has a whole back story, illustrated in Smith's Keith Haring meets Peter Max style, entitled "Ninjatown".

Image of Ninjai

This trend isn't new, however. The Flash cartoon Ninjai: The Little Ninja has been a cult phenomenon on the Web for a few years now, and has limited distribution through Atom Films and G4TV.

Now only if TMNT will come back! Heck, Power Rangers are still going strong, right?

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