May 19, 2006

What's In a Name? Jail Time?

In my last post I joked about wielding the in-yo-face named "Death Stick Nail Exhumer" cats paw as a weapon--how it might not look that great in court afterward.

This is something that firearms writer Mas Ayoob discusses a lot--the legal aspects of using a weapon in self-defense. Like it's better to go confront the bad guy with a "Gold Cup National Match" target pistol (even if it is a 1911 .45 ACP, and thus an "evil" semiautomatic) than a 12 gauge "Streetsweeper".

Photo of stainless steel Colt Gold Cup 1911 pistol

Photo of Striker 12 gauge shotgun

Benchmade probably thought of this when they started calling the old standby AFCK the "Advanced Folding Camp Knife" instead of the fighting knife it originally was marketed as.

Purchase the Benchmade AFCK at

Spyderco is pretty good about their naming, preferring the quality of the product to speak more than some badass-sounding name. Even their most wicked-looking knife, the favorite EDC of Hannibal Lecter, is named the Civilian:

Purchase the Spyderco Civilian at

My favorite Delica, of course, is just a modest pocketknife. Really.

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