March 27, 2006

More Cardboard Houses

What, is cardboard the new concrete? I ain't giving up my granite countertop, though.

Remember that way-overpriced cardboard house from DWR? Well, here are a few more design-laden cardboard houses from Isa Toys in Brasil:

Photo of the Isa Toys cardboard castle

Best one is this kind of retro ("EAMES ERA!!!" in eBay-speak) Moon Rocket:

Photo of the Isa Toys cardboard moon rocket

I don't think these things even use Mr. McGroovy's rivets, either.

The best idea for making structures with cardboard boxes that I've heard was from ol' codger Ranger Rick Tscherne--the former Army sarge who lives in Italy off the proceeds from his "Ranger Digest" booklets. Rick suggests filling empty boxes used for Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) cases, (which are made of some truly heavy duty cardboard) with sand and then stacking them up instead of sandbags.

Photo of the a case of MREs

If you used a plastic-coated cardboard, or the coroplast stuff used to make US post office bins and the like, you could make some pretty hefty structures.

Ranger Rick also teaches you how to make a porta-potti out of an MRE box in one of the aforementioned Ranger Digest booklets, kind of taking Paperpod's cardboard chair a bit little further...

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