March 10, 2006

Now That's an Axe!

Remember that scene in Crocodile Dundee where the Croc-ster faces off a switchblade-wielding street hood by whipping out his 12" bowie? (That's a knife, silly reader--get your mind out of the gutter).

Now here's an example of one tough axe:

Strider CR

photo of Strider Knives CR2 axe

Strider's writeup of this baby is in the usual Mick Strider style: straightforward, no bullshit:

The CR is designed to be a hard substance destruction tool.

The materials and construction are intended to give optimum impact and prying strength.

The CR works as a system. The base of which is a .285” thick 6AL4V titanium head, with .775” thick cantilevered S7 impact bits. S7 is an incredibly strong material, most commonly seen on “Jackhammer” bits.

In addition to removing bolt stress, this cantilever action also allows for a multi strike action of the bits. The initial strike is achieved with human force by swinging the tool against a surface. The secondary strike is caused by the inertial force of the collapsing cantilever system. By using this system, the axe is actually working as a human powered Jackhammer.

I just finished Bernard Cornwell's Vagabond, second book in the Grail series, and found the depictions of technology during the Hundred Years War fascinating. What if you built old tech, like trebuchet and crossbows, using modern materials like carbon fiber and titanium? This would be a fine weapon for the days of men-at-arms and plate armour.

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