January 16, 2006

Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator

I've been playing with the Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator. Kind of a Comedy Central-meets-Hot or Not? site, it cranks out a random Chuck fact with every click.

Most are just crap (and you can rate them so), but there are a few gems, like:

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked the earth, thus creating the hole in the ozone layer.


Every night at 8:00, a truck pulls up to Chuck Norris' house. In the truck are a bunch of orphans. For the next half-hour, Chuck Norris practices roundhouse kicks on the orphans while "It's a Hard Knock Life" plays in the background. At the end of the session, the orphans say "Thank you, Mr. Norris." in perfect unison, then march into the truck in silence.

I always thought Norris' fave kick was the hook or spinning back kick, but then again, "roundhouse" sounds funnier.

And then there's all the Chuck Norris nostalgia merchandise now:

Image of Chuck Norris holding Uzi submachine gun on tshirt

I gotta get me one of these shirts.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to settle for one of the Top 5 Chuck Norris Movies.

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