November 17, 2005

Marking Your Dictionary

There's a great scene in the movie Say Anything where Ione Skye's brainy character talks about how she marked her dictionary everytime she looked up a word. Then the camera shows a big hardcover dictionary filled with little marks, and John Cusack's character, who we know doesn't even own a dictionary, much less use one on a daily basis, has the perfect look on his face.

[aside: Although quite stuck in the teen romantic comedy genre, "Say Anything" does have a martial arts sideline to it. Check out Benny Urquidez in his role as a...kickboxer. Typecasting.]

So I notice that Form Completion in Firefox can do the same thing, if you use Google's dictionary feature a lot:

screenshot of Google query form for define:aplomb

What else is Google going to take over? Air?

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