October 28, 2005

Best Marketing Since the Pet Rock

Design Within Reach's new kids store, DWRjax, sells this nifty Cardboard Activity House. For $110 + FedEx Ground.

Photo of DWRjax Cardboard House

Now, I know big cardboard boxes can, with the right dose of Imagination, be transformed into forts, castles, hideouts, or even a machine that spans the space-time continuum:

Classic C&H

But $110?

This just might be a sly commentary on the overpriced housing market in DWR's hometown, San Francisco--when you think about it, that actually is the going rate for a cardboard house in the City By the Bay.

But not in one of the best neighborhoods, mind you. You'd have to pay a lot more for one of those Pacific Heights cardboard houses.

But seriously, I think it's the best marketing genius since the Pet Rock. Someone at DWR said, "you know, my kid just loved playing with the packaging for our new SubZero fridge/Viking range/other overpriced yuppie appliance. What if we made a designer cardboard box?"

What worries me is the likelihood that your kid will enjoy playing with the box this thing comes shipped in, rather than the overpriced toy inside.

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