October 20, 2005

Noahs Ark Expandable Cabinet Shelter

Now when are those reality home improvement shows going to tackle the whole Homeland Security angle?

You know, "Queer Eye for the Survivalist Guy".

Knitted cozies for your AR15 mags, accessorizing from the Galco and Blackhawk catalogs, etc. What matches best with your eyes: digital or gray urban camo?

They could use one of these expando shelters, for example:

Wood cabinet with pullout plastic NBC-rated tent

Is it just me or is this just kind of hokey?

Kids inside fallout shelter.

Like these kids are so calm and everything. I'd be freaking out--"Oh no! I must have gotten that funky immune disorder that John Travolta had in that Boy in the Plastic Bubble movie!!!".

And why are they wearing clothes out of the 1950s? I guess that was the Golden Age of the Fallout Shelter, so maybe these promo photos are to rekindle that paranoid spirit.

But I'm more inclined to do my preparedness the old-fashioned way. What's wrong with burying a bunker in your backyard?

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