June 15, 2005

Cooper Comments on Martial Arts

Guru says:

Now it appears that some curious group in England has decided that too many people are getting stabbed, and that therefore long, pointy kitchen knives should be banned. Apparently they think that kitchen knives with blunt points would lessen the incidents of stabbing. Hoplophobes being what they are, it does not occur to them that they might reduce their problems by making armed assault illegal. Of course if they did that, they would find it necessary to do something about unarmed assault, and presently we would be called upon to eradicate boxing, wrestling and kendo.

Some folks tried this before, right? And so the martial artists became "dancers" and resorted to including drummers in their practice sessions, and the result was capoiera.

If I was a rapper I could could switch to 52 Blocks.

RZA: "I ain't have to quickdraw Mcgraw ya, I could Fifty Two Block ya Switch my stance up Southpaw, drop ya ..."

Time for me to practice my "Filipino Stick Dance". Ahem.

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