June 06, 2005

Wallet Survival Kit, Part 2

Back in January I mused about keeping survival tools on my person at all times. That post was prompted by the case of a day hiker who got lost in one of our verdant parks (one of the great things about the Bay Area is the closeness of nature to the urban centers) and had to sit outside for a couple of days.

When day hiking, I usually have a day pack with the Ten Essentials, plus all sorts of goodies. But what if I went on an impromptu hike and didn't bother with a day pack? What could I do with what I have on my person?

I never get dressed without my Spyderco, so I'd be able to make tools, cordage, etc with a sharp knife. But what else could I carry around with me on a daily basis?

I added a Fox 40 whistle to my keychain. That'll be the extent of my on-board signalling capability. I already had the Streamlight KeyMate and a Victorinox Signature II Lite on the car keys, and a Leatherman Micra on the main keyring. Pretty soon I'll need one of those retractable chain holders like elementary school janitors.

Photo of ToolLogic Ice Companion showing knife and other tools I put a ToolLogic Credit Card Companion in my wallet. That added a magnifying glass (firestarter), compass (direction), an itsy-bitsy knife (hate to have to use this on anything/anyone, but better than nothing), tweezers, and can opener. You can never have too many knives, I always say. Oh yeah, a SwissKey is on the keyring too, but it looks so much like a key I forget it's there.

What's really lacking is a better Warmth function. The Boy Scout Metal Match is kind of bulky, but I'll probably add one to my keychain soon.

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