April 26, 2005

Reading List Thus Far

Finished listening to the audiobook version of Michael Crichton's Prey. Funny how it degenerated into the time-honored "person possessed by demon" story. Was it Joseph Campbell who collected all of the possible story archetypes? Shakespeare?

Nevertheless, it was entertaining. And Crichton is pretty good about making all that tech stuff sound believable.

Currently reading, again on audiobook: Fire Ice by Clive Cussler. The Dirk Pitt series are fun, especially with his bachelor pad with the garage full of classic vintage cars. Dan Tana anyone? This is the first of the Kurt Austin series I've sampled thus far.

One thing that irks me is the choice of firearms for lead character Kurt Austin. A Bowen custom Ruger Redhawk? I guess the S&W M29 has already been done to death. And the Desert Eagle is a cliche as well.

At least Cussler doesn't have Austin affixing a "silencer" to the big Redhawk--at least not yet...

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