February 03, 2005

It's gettin' crowded with Segways

So I've been seeing a lot of Segways on De Anza Blvd in Cupertino these days. It's probably because of the record balmy weather we've been having (71 degrees! Take that, New England!).

Given that my Segway sitings have all been around the intersection of De Anza and Hwy 280, a block from the Apple main campus, I'd wager that the rise in AAPL has allowed some iPod engineers to go buy new toys. Good for them, I say.

For the past year, I've seen just one Segwayer--the blonde I was calling "the Apple Segway Chick". Fashionably dressed in her pink pea coat and bike helmet, she'd zip along the sidewalk while the rest of us lackeys would be stuck in traffic, burning up fossil fuels. But now there's a whole bunch of people streaming along.

What, is this Google or something?

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