November 22, 2004

What I want for Christmas

My high school buds and I always coveted those cocktail table coin-op video games--wouldn't it be great to have one in your rec room? we always thought.

Nowadays, you can get the same games we plunked $100s of quarters into (Asteroids, Defender, Battlezone) on your Palm Pilot, or you can play free Flash versions on the Web.

And then there's those cheap all-inside-the-joystick versions that you just plug directly into the TV.

But Costco has done this one better, with this Multi-Game Table:

Multi-game cocktail table at Costco

Now if they could only get the price point down a bit.

Or maybe the folks at will figure out a way to construct a table out of MDF, with a Tap Plastics top and some cheapo controllers, housing a Linux box with all the coin-op emulators you can find, for about a tenth of this baby's cost...

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