May 25, 2004

Hey, that was my idea!

My best friend and I are always concocting wacky business ideas. We've been doing this since grade school--although my ill-fated attempts at entrepreneurship back then were rather short-lived.

Like in the 4th grade, when my friend and I sold pencil drawings of TIE fighters and R2D2 to other kids for a quarter each. Nothing like capitalizing on all that Star Wars hype, right?

We made about $1.50 until the principal (I still remember her name: Elizabeth DeGarmo) made us stop. Our teacher, a really strict bastard who no one would fuck with because he could kick anyone's ass (he would show off TKD moves at recess) argued with her to let us continue. He figured, it wasn't like we were selling drugs, right? And, if other kids thought our Rembrandt impressions were worth 25 whole cents each, why not let them pay the money? Free-market capitalism lessons on the schoolyard. Funny how I don't remember the teacher's name, but he was right.

So anyway, Joe starts talking about how he wants to start up an online garage sale service--you'd go to people's places, pick up the shit they want to get rid of, give them an ok price for their stuff, then sell it all on eBay for more and pocket the margin. Uh, I say--that's being done. It's called :-(

Then I launch into my idea, which was to make knock-offs of the fantastically popular Design Within Reach inventory. Something that would be better than Ikea, but nowhere near as expensive as DWR. Like how much does it really cost to make a Noguchi-esque coffee table? It's just two pieces of wood and a piece of glass, right?

And of course, someone's beaten me to it. And they got a ton of free publicity for peddling Dreamweaver too.


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