March 04, 2004


So this email about a new carjacking scheme is making the rounds.

David covers it well--sure, you need to watch out for flyers, but even more so, you need to watch out for punks with knives.

Like this incident, which took place at the Silicon Valley megamall:

San Jose, CA: A woman thwarted a would-be carjacker at Valley Fair mall Wednesday night, biting his hand and screaming when he attacked her as she loaded her baby into her sport-utility vehicle, police said. More...

What was this guy thinking? Ever hear of what happens to those dumb-asses that mess with bear cubs? Big momma bears stomp their asses, that's what. That protective instinct is in all mommies (and daddies). Good thing this punk didn't try to mess with a dad in the same way--he would've gotten a tire iron stuck up somewhere uncomfortable. Like an eye socket.

Nevertheless, it pays to be in Condition Yellow in those dark parking lots. As they always say, "Be careful out there."

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